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Gastroenterology services

Available at various sites around Sydney near you

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This is a medical consultation so that Dr Wong knows more about your gastrointestinal condition and how best to proceed with further investigations (if required) and management


This involves an internal examination of the oesophagus, stomach and first part of the small bowel with biopsies where indicated under sedation


This involves an internal examination of the colon and last part of the small bowel with biopsies and polyp removal where indicated under sedation

Capsule Endoscopy

You swallow a pill which has two cameras attached to each end. This pill takes multiple photos throughout the gastrointestinal system, especially to identify subtle pathology

Intestinal Ultrasound

This is a point of care test to non-invasively assess bowel wall thickness in inflammatory bowel disease as well as motility in the small bowel and colon in function gastrointesitnal conditions

pH study

This is a test which looks at pH levels in your oesophagus over 24 hours. You will also be asked to take a diary home to record symptoms 


This involves placing a thin plastic tube in your nose and into the oesopahgus to measure pressures and swallows in your oesophagus


Initial consultation

$350 General consultation (Medicare item number 110; rebate $142.60)

$450 Second opinions (Medicare item number 110; rebate $142.60)

$490  Complex consultation (Medicare item number 132; rebate $249.40)

Follow up consultation

$150 General follow up (Medicare item number 116; rebate $71.40)

$220 Complex follow up (Medicare item number 133; rebate $124.90)

pH and manometry

Manometry and 24hr pH study: $590 (Medicare rebate $162.40)

Manometry only: $450 (Medicare rebate $162.40)


Endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures are no-gapped in private hospitals


Grey Limbo

Colonoscopy bowel preparation

Manometry and 24hr pH preparation

Manometry and pH study Request
Study/studies wanted

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